We will continue to update this page as more information becomes available.
If you or anyone you know needs help during these trying times, please email us at info@madraigosmidwest.org

Helpful Videos

Staying Health in Mind and Body
Sunny Levi

Outer Order Inner Calm: How Keeping Order on the Outside Can Keep us Calm on the Inside
Mrs. Elisheva Vladimirsky, LCSW

Practical Tips on Managing Finances During COVID-19
Mr. Randy Cohen

Guiding our Children Through Safe Internet Use
R’ Ephraim Goldman, Rabbi Menachem Weidermann, R’ Aaron Leibtag

Parenting in a Pandemic:Managing Relationships in Close Quarters
Mrs. Michal Cohen, LCSW

Lag Baomer Concert – Featuring Rabbi Joey Newcomb
Rabbi Joey Newcomb

Lonely But Not Alone: Isolation and Addiction
Rabbi Joey Rosenfeld LCSW – 52:33

Parenting in a Pandemic with Rachel Zimmerman
Mrs. Rachel Zimmerman LCPC – 50:21

Setting Realistic Expectations for Yourself in this Unexpected Time
Dr. Aviva Goldstein – 47:35

Parents: Keeping Our Sanity During Crisis
Rachie Karesh, LCSW, Executive Director Madraigos Midwest – 8:31

Teens: Managing stress and anxiety during these challenging times
Tzippy Kohen, LCPC, Interim Clincal Director Madraigos Midwest – 8:36

Surviving Isolation with Young Children
Rabbi Yechiel Bresler, MHC, Madraigos Clinician – 7:50

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Mara
Dr. Mara Tesler-Stein, Psy.D – 10:53

How to speak to your children
Dr. David Pelcovitz – 5:04

Management of anxiety
Dr. David Pelcovitz – 6:37

Advice for marital stress
Dr. David Pelcovitz – 4:55